About Us

C2B Tech is a technology service provider, with head office based in Sydney, Australia and engineering offices in Australia and India. C2B Tech combines world class business intelligence, cutting edge technology expertise and local experience to deliver simple, elegant and advanced cost-effective solution. The team behind C2B Tech has track record of delivering high profile projects with 100% success rate

C2B Tech Internet of Things platform provides solutions to connect, monitor and manage water and energy meters for remote administration. 

C2B Tech continuously invest in research and development of  latest metering technology. Our clients rely on C2B Tech for the flexibility and reliability they need and the innovative solutions they demand. Our experience, proven track record and high standard meters, mean that our products are tried and tested and give you the confidence that you can trust C2B Tech to meet and exceed your expectations.

We pride on our dedication towards quality, safety compliance and customer satisfaction. We are international leaders in smart metering solutions and oblige ourselves to combine the latest cutting-edge technology with business needs and local cultural expectations to deliver a quality and reliable service.